Touch of Essence Skin Spa

Brows and Lashes

Brow tinting

do you have light eyebrows or gray hair? An eyebrow tint will bring out your eyes and frame the face!

Lash Tinting

Bring out your lashes with an eyelash tint! Take a break from mascara!

Lash Lift treatment

An easy alternative to extensions or perming! Boost Lash lifting adds lift to natural lashes 24/7

for 6-8 weeks creating longer fuller lashes! Perfect for straight lashes that wont hold a curl, hooded or mature eyelids or clients who just want a break from daily curling!

First time client special 

$15 off 1 facial or buy 2 facials get 1 free!!

Chemical Peel Package

Buy 3 get 1 free of any of the 30% AHA peels. Glycolic, lactic green tea, or Vitamin A peel

TCA/Vitamin A

Double peel!! Not for sensitive skin. 

TCA acid is applied followed by Retinol acid that will stay on the skin for minimum of 4 hours.  This peel will make your skin flake after a few days.  Best results every 4 weeks for 3 months.  This package comes with Post Care products $85 worth of product. Package of 3 peels with post care products$460

Facial Services

All facials are an hour and include cleanse, exfoliant, extractions, face, hand, shoulder massage, mask, and moisturizer!!

Anti-age Facial

Turn back the clock with this resurfacing wrinkle smoothing facial!! Products used for this facial are infused with collagen, peptides, and enzymes. You will glow!


Enzyme Clarifying Facial

Deep pore cleansing treatment that exfoliates dead skin clearing debris, and oil from the pores. Heals present acne while soothing inflammation


Classic Nourishing Facial

For the client who is Dry, Dehydrated, stressed, or exhausted. Very relaxing Facial that exfoliates, soothes, and hydrates!


Lighten Up Tighten Up treatment with a Facial

For skin that is experiencing aging, loss of elasticity, and tone. Using AHAs to smooth wrinkles, and our Firming lift activator to tighten, and lift the skin you will get a glowing facelift!


Hydrating Cream Peel  with a Facial

For skin that is showing early signs of aging, sun damage, and in need of hydration. Using AHAs that are infused with collagen, and moisturizing agents this facial will exfoliate dead skin while adding hydration at the same time!


Revitalizing Cream Peel  with aFacial

Revitalizes aging skin with AHAs, and enzymes revealing smoother younger skin!


Lifting Firming Treatment

Are you in need of an all over face lift, but don't want major surgery?? This treatment will lift and firm your face, eyes, and neck lifting and firming these areas.  Includes a gentle cleanse, exfoliant and ended with moisturizer and collagen infused eye cream and spf if daytime appointment.

30 min for $100

Facial on the Flip side

Deep cleanse with an exfoliation, light massage finished with a mask, and moisture


Chemical Peels

Peels are 30% aha acid

includes a gentle cleansing and moisturizer for your skin type!

A+ peel

TCA and Vitamin A Resurface, Lift, smooth fine lines, firm and tightens skin. Fades age spots, hyperpigmentation and enhances glow

For clients who have already experienced a peel with glycolic or lactic acid, or microdermabrasion

125.00         30 minutes

Glycolic Peel

medium peel for clients with normal to oily skin who want to refine pores, and smooth the skin

$100                30 minutes

Revitalizing cream peel

medium peel for clients who want to have a light peel that hydrates the skin at the same time

$100                 30 minutes

TCA peel

Clinical peel that reduces the appearance of scars, wrinkles large pores, and hyperpigmentation

$110                    30 min

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Body Treatments

Silhouette cellulite spot treatment 

Accelerate the reduction of cellulite with cellulite gel made of the finest pure botanicals, gel penetrates into the adipose tissue where excess fats, and toxins lodge and distend the cell membrane. Gel helps the body release these fats, fluids, and toxins. 

Application of cellulite gel underneath warm paraffin to detoxify followed by a light massage of the area being treated with ylang ylang essential oil which has been documented for helping cellulite diminish.


Youthful HandRitual

An amazing facial for your hands

Have you always hated those sun spots or age spots on the tops of your hands?  With a gentle cleansing followed by a 30% peel to the tops of the hands ending with massage  Parrafin and an anti aging moisturizer


Body Peel

Do you have crepy skin on your body or chicken skin? How about sun damage?  Receive a glycolic or lactic peel for your body followed by a serum of your choice and moisturizer


Feet Treat

cleanse exfoliate massage,and end with a detox paraffin mask, your feet will be incredibly soft


Aromatherapy Touch Treatment on the back

Using specific essential oils on the back and feet to feel the ultimate relaxation muscles will feel relaxed as the aromatherapy penetrates the skin soothing the muscles


Detoxifying Paraffin Body Treatment

Medical grade detoxifying paraffin is brushed all over the body to help purge toxins, and leave your skin feeling extra soft!



Having more then one we can create a package deal

Brows shaping $20

Brow cleanup   $10

Lip $10

Chin $10

Full Face $30

Half leg $30

Full leg $45

Half Arm $25

Full Arm $35

Back $50 for first visit. With regular visits every 4 weeks its $35

Bikini $30